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Updates from the lab

We are beyond thrilled to share this work by #timoleary @MegCritcher @EpicEnigma @NaOHBartfield and coworkers! #glycotime #proteoglycan @NICHD_NIH. Chemical Editing of Proteoglycan Architecture

Offend a chemist in a single tweet
@AcademicChatter #chemtwitter #RealTimeChem

Thanks @wgibson. For those who would like to read, this link provided by @CellCellPress has no paywall:

William Gibson@wgibson

What a pleasure to read. @SchreiberStuart writes a conversational history of molecular glues, emphasizing the questions being posed at each juncture of discovery. 2

Out in @ScienceAdvances our paper (with Karp lab @MrJeffKarp) about 3D culture platform of stem cell-derived beta cells (SC-b-cells). This platform enabled the development of a prodrug system for targeted activation of fluorophores/mitogens in SC-b-cells:

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