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Updates from the lab

The Best Scientists ūüßĶ

I have heard a lot about the Best Scientists ūüßĎ‚ÄćūüĒ¨

Maybe the best scientists…
make impactful discoveries,
publish in gilded journals,
garner millions in funding,
with lots of indirects.
And prizes, all the prizesūüŹÜ

And everybody respects them.


Out in @angew_chem our paper about the rational design of ionophores, the small molecules that can transport metal ions into cells. Ionophores have widespread applications but remain underdeveloped.

Standing at the spot @Penn where Drs. Kati Kariko (@kkariko) & Drew Weissman (@Weissmanlab) first met. This spot had a photocopying machine where ‚Äúthey struck up their first conversations‚ÄĚ ~25 years ago that would eventually lead to the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine.

Ukraine is a global leader in the production of molecules used to fine-tune the design of new drugs. Russia’s attacks have put the industry and its scientists at risk.

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