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Updates from the lab

This weekend is my great-uncle’s Centennial.
His story is remarkable – born in a village of <100 people, mostly illiterate, dodging Partition, to @NobelPrize for cracking the genetic code & synthesizing the first artificial gene.

Our paper by @n_j_henning, Andrew Manford, @RapeLab, & @NovartisScience on the discovery of a novel covalent recruiter against the CUL2 E3 ligase FEM1B that regulates cellular reductive stress response is now out in @J_A_C_S!! @UCB_Chemistry @berkeleyMCB

I’m humbled and grateful that the work of our students and collaborators has been recognized with this award. 🙏

Also, I found out via Twitter just now.

King Faisal Prize جائزة الملك فيصل@KingFaisalPrize

Congratulations to “Professor David Ruchien Liu”, laureate of the 2022 #KingFaisalPrize in Medicine, focused on “Gene Editing Technologies”.

#2021 TPD research flashback

As the year is about to end, I thought to make a list of papers/reviews/ news articles which have advanced the targeted protein degradation field in 2021.

#PROTAC #Molecularglues #Targetedproteindegradation

@proxidrugs #AcademicTwitter

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