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Updates from the lab

Paul Nurse, who won a Nobel for his work on the cell cycle, calls for more daring theory in biology and criticizes current trends in large scale data generation. We probably need to reimagine the Discussion section of papers!

CRISPR technologies are powerful gene editing tools because they are programmable. We are excited to describe 3 new programmable systems, IscB, IsrB, and TnpB, some of the most abundant genes on the planet, with potential for gene editing. @ScienceMagazine

I’m thrilled to be a one of the 2022 @Vilcek Foundation Prizewinners. Congratulations to @dixitvishva @Landry_Lab, @genophoria, @harriswangnyc and all fellow honorees!

“…he pulled out of his desk a list of every graduate student, postdoc and visitor at his laboratory — more than 100 people — and said I should write about all of them. They were his greatest source of pride as a scientist.”

Wonderful to welcome prime editing to its new biotech home and the community of clinic-bound technologies in our field. Congratulations @davidrliu and colleagues, Gregor-speed, team Prime – yay more shots on clinical goal! @Jasonmmast

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